Bad Things Happen for the Greater Good

Max Weber(1864-1920) a German political philosopher wrote an essay called “Politics as a Vocation” and in it he explains that there are three decisive qualities that a true politician needs to have: passion, a sense of responsibility and judgement. Judgement in the sense that you can detach your self from a situation and act calm and cool and decide on decisions that is for the greater good. These qualities are great for a politician of course, but they can relate to anything. Even just being a good human being.

Yesterday I spent my Friday afternoon and night laying in the hospital. During my stay I spent a lot of time crying and thinking privately, not understanding why I could have let myself go physically. As I began to process what was going on, I began to remember what Max Weber taught me only a few hours earlier when I had been laying down and reading. It’s something I learned a long time a go when I was 17 and fully grasped the idea by the time I was 19.

I learned AGAIN that life is so beautiful and precious (passion) but it is finite, and eventually one day I will inevitably die, and because of this it is my responsibility to take care of this vessel of mine (mentally, physically and spiritually) while I am here. To do this I need to have good judgement. Judgement in the sense that I can detach myself from personal situations and act calm, so that I can make quality decisions that is for the Higher Good.

Thank you Max Weber for your time spent on this earth studying. Your past existence has affected the life of a young man almost century later for the better.

Also, in case some of my friends are wondering, I am in good health. I had a cat-scan, EKG, chest x-rays and some type of test that looks for blood clots in the chest. All test came back negative. They gave me nitroglycerin (was used in case there was problems with my heart) under my tongue before all the test, which took the pain away temporarily and something called an upper GI cocktail, a nasty fluid that you drink that numbs the esophagus and throat, which in turn takes away the excruciating pain.

The pain was due to large amounts of acidic acid in my system, that couldn’t escape out of the mouth or the butt, so it worked its way into my left chest. Which def. felt like heart attacks all day and night. It was painful. But it was an experience that allowed me to process my life. Bad things happen which bring out the good in a person.

Now it is time for me to retire and sleep. Much rest is needed.


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